Spotlight on Success

Read about some of our success stories.

June 1st Summer Here We Come

Staff from 6 neighborhoods, Ballard, Blackburn, Bayshore, Oneco, Rogers Garden Bullock, Sea Breeze and Tillman were invited to the Manatee County Central Library to learn more about the Soar in 4 summ…
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Publix Serves Volunteer Project

Thank you to United Way for coordinating the Publix Serves volunteer project, . We’re thrilled that these amazing volunteers from Publix to support the missions of United Way and the SCGLR. In all, …
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Do you like to build, and tinker and try new things? Then you are a maker!  Our Soar in 4 kids and their families came to the South Florida Museum to investigate how things work and discover how thi…
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Soar in 4 was FLY on January 9th

Our early learners and their families were FLY on Tuesday night.  Our FLY (Family Literacy Yearlong) Kits were debuted.  The FLY Kits contain materials and resources which were developed based …
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Goal Setting and Marvel Universe Live!

Our early learning teachers had the opportunity to hold family coaching meetings with their classroom families.  Family coaching can help parents produce extraordinary results in their lives by brid…
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We Live in a Diverse World

Learning in very young children takes place through play, the active exploration of their environment and most importantly through interactions with the significant adults in their lives.  Families s…
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Feeling Puppets

We Feel Happy! Thank you to our friend Gladys who cut and sewed 190 puppets for our Soar in 4 classrooms. These feeling puppets will be used in our early learning classrooms to help the students ident…
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A “Frozen” Family Field Trip

Snow, winter, kingdom, ice, skates, and cold were just some of the vocabulary words our Soar in 4 Families were exposed to last weekend. Feld Entertainment Inc. provided complimentary tickets to our S…
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Soar in 4 The First Day of School

The first day of school can be filled with mixed emotions for our children and their parents, excitement, apprehension and even anxiety. Big new steps in our children’s lives create big, new feeling…
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