Library Corners

In collaboration with the Manatee County Public Library Soar in 4 will provide Soar in 4 Library Corners at 5 branches.

The first Soar in 4 Library Corner will be located at the Braden River Public Library.  Each Soar in 4 Library Corner will include a new WEDU PBS rug, a bookshelf, 2 copies of each of the 36 Soar in 4 spotlight books, a Soar in 4 banner, a Soar in 4 informational placard, and an engagement activity – at the Braden River branch this includes magnetic alphabet letters, magnetic numbers, magnetic gears and an engineering coaster activity set.

Each of these areas will highlight the Soar in 4 spotlight books and will provide a meaningful play area within the public library for families with young children to create and learn while making memories.

Soar in 4 will host a monthly read aloud and provide a literacy engagement activity for families at the branch.