Give Away Libraries


17 Give-Away Libraries for Young Readers have been placed at Title I Elementary School sites.

Even before they start kindergarten, young children deserve to participate in learning experiences led by caring and well-trained adults. Through Soar in 4 events, parents and caregivers will have access to the support they need to encourage their children’s development.

Reading to a child for just 20 minutes per day exposes them to about 1.8 million words a year. By age 4, children whose parents regularly spend time reading and talking to them may have heard as many as 30 million more words than their peers. This lays a strong foundation for learning to read.

This collaboration ensures that families have access to free new books in their neighborhood.  Families will have the opportunity to choose books that they will keep.


The Give-Away Libraries are a project of Soar in 4, Bob Boast Volkswagen, and the Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County